SSC-Tegernsee Gruppenreise nach Laguna Niguel vom 23. – 28. Januar 2012 zur SSC Jahrestagung „The Complete Clinician“

Seattle Study Club Symposium

Beyond just a conference or meeting, the Seattle Study Club National Symposium is really more of an „educational experience. „The Symposium has always attracted the most prominent lecturers in our profession. Whether clinical or non-clinical, speakers have been enthusiastic about showcasing both the science and art of their presentations, with the ultimate goal of being able to lecture to over 250 Study Clubs throughout our network. One of our strongest clinical offerings took place in West Palm Beach, Florida. We dubbed it a meeting of „The International Masters“ and included the likes of Drs. Pascal Magne, Patrick Palacci, Konrad Meyenberg and many other notable clinicians. „The Race to Perfection, „in Maui, Hawaii in 2008 pitted Team Northwest (Drs. Frank Spear, Vince Kokich, John West and Stig Osterberg) against Team Atlanta (Drs. Ronald Goldstein, David Garber, Henry Salama, Maurice Salama, Christian Coachman and Mr. Pinhas Adar) in a comprehensive team treatment planning session.

And while Symposium is filled with high-level scientific sessions, treatment planning and personal development workshops, traditionally it has been balanced by „off-the-wall“ entertainment and an array of surprises. We’ve seen gospel choirs, native dances, comedy acts, cirque performances, up-and-coming pop performers, as well as „Sheik“ Morton Amsterdam on a camel! Even Mother Nature has played a part in creating a lasting Symposium memory, moving the earth for us at the Boeing Museum of Flight in 1995 and giving many of the non-Californians in attendance their first taste of a 6.5 on the Richter scale. Then in 2002, Joe Torre of the New York Yankees shook us all up with his first-hand account of 9-11.

The Symposium has provided an exceptional experience for those who have chosen to join us in building an extraordinary community. We in the Seattle Study Club network have partnered with a very special group of individuals—our members—to gather each year to share both our personal and educational dreams for the future. And when it is all over, the friendships made and relationships built will carry us far beyond the events that transpire.

Es ist wieder soweit!

Die letzten internationalen SSC Symposien waren stets ein außergewöhnliches Highlight! Und auch in diesem Jahr werden bekannte Referenten ein spannendes Thema bearbeiten, die SSC Familie sich intensiv austauschen und an einem wunderbaren Platz direkt am Ozean eine Woche Fortbildungsurlaub der besonderen Art machen.

Michael Cohen bietet dem SSC Tegernsee auch in diesem Jahr Sonderkonditionen für Zahnärzte und Begleitpersonen an, die nur bei Anmeldung direkt über den SSC Tegernsee beantragt werden können.

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